2023 Year In Review

We shall mention the more notable events.

  • One new public phone was installed, and another new phone in a beer garden.
  • “Increasing Achievements with Operant Conditioning” was presented at ftp://con.
  • “How And Why To Gain Technological Advantages By Harvesting Entropy From An Unsuspecting Public” was presented at BSidesPDX.
  • “Futel: For Whom The Dial Tones” was presented at Teardown.
  • An occasionally working prototype of “Give Me Central 209” was exhibited at Teardown.
  • Party Line #8 was published, available from Microcosm Publishing.
  • A RACC Arts3C grant provided operating and development support.

Usage for the year included:

  • Tens of thousands of handset pickups.
  • Over 11,600 outgoing calls from a dialtone.
  • Only 858 calls to the incoming line and it was printed in 2600?
  • 358 listens to the most popular Church of Robotron sermon, “The Ninth Position”.
  • 609 joins to the voice conference.
  • 315 calls to the Payphone Demultiplexer.
  • 152 attempts to bridge the Payphone Demultiplexer to the voice conference, sorry!
  • 74 calls to the Druids of Sisyphus Gardens? Call the Druids!
  • 66 calls to the mayor of Portland. Increased calls to the mayors of Detroit and Ypsilanti.
  • 11 callers poking around the honeypot.